Sunday, August 30, 2009

The First Egg!

Just shy of five months and Noodle Soup has laid her first egg!
OK, this is actually a picture of the second egg--the first one was smaller and soft and broken, with a big piece of poop on it, not laid in the nest box. That was yesterday . . .

Today she laid this one, which is a little oblong and smallish--both normal things for a first egg--but nice and firm, right in the nest box.
The only problem is that it isn't blue-green, it's tan.
But she's the first layer, so we'll over look that.

A few days ago she started acting different. She'd go into her getting-mounted-squat when we'd reach down to pet her. And she started hanging out in the coop. Before this week, none of the girls would spend any time at all in the coop while the sun was up.
The roof for the nest box had been one thing I'd put off finishing, so after yesterday's almost-egg, I put on a temporary roof, to make the box a little more cozy and inviting.
And today I stained the permanent roof so it can go on tomorrow.

What else has been going on?
Well, the girls are much bigger than the last photos on here . . . I'll have to get some new photos of them that aren't on my phone.

There have been a couple escapes over the fence, the last one ending with Pot Pie crossing the street and not liking it.
We need to add a couple feet of netting around the top of the fence to keep them in.

And they're all very good girls.