Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thankful Birds

Guess what?

Well, these girls aren't getting eaten on Thursday, so they should be thankful.

Noodle Soup.

Salad Sandwich.

Pot Pie.

Things have been good for the girls.
They've had quite a few 3 egg days lately . . . though they've been coming up short the last couple days. I'm a little worried Saturday night's power outage, and it's affects on their lighting regiment, may have thrown them off schedule. We shall see.

They eat a lot and hang out in the yard . . . they could leave if they wanted--and they don't so that must mean they're quite happy here.

Happy Turkey Day, Y'all!


  1. It is so amazing to see how they have grown! Keep the photos and stories coming!

  2. I love them and miss your daily postings of them. Thanks for sharing!

  3. They look SO fluffy!

  4. Noodle Soup is so pretty! And you have built such a lovely complex for them- lucky ladies!

  5. I'm upset that I didn't find your blog months ago!
    What great posts and beautiful(?) chickens!
    Keep up the good work :)

  6. your chickens are quite healthy and judging on how they look you took really good care of them.

  7. Maybe they've been coming up short because the they've finally realised that the names you have for them means they are eventually getting eaten & they are stressed

  8. I own chickens and I could never imagine eating them. I can eat any other chickens, just not the ones I raised.
    P.S. You got nice chickens

  9. Thanks for sharing your chickens. There is a great group in my hometown that advocates for urban chicken keeping. I support it because I think it can improve the quality of life for urban dwellers.