Friday, June 19, 2009

chicks, huh

OK, here's a brief catch up on the 3cAd girls since the first OC post a couple weeks ago . . .
(these are all snap shots and half of 'em are from my iPhone--which is a pretty sucky camera phone--so bare with me)

The girls had their first tour of the coop--at this point I'm proud they can all stay up on the perch.

This is a common afternoon event, me reading a magazine with my legs propped up on a chair and all the girls deciding they want to come up and chill. I think you can make out some scratches on my shin, by Sallie's head.

Here the girls are peering in the basement window . . .

. . . and here's their first visit to the kitchen--30 seconds in and already poop on the floor. This was not an encouraged visit, and we try to keep 'em out these days. They are very curious . . .

This is the Day after the Open Coop bbq. I put Noodie up on the grill for the photo . . . she started pecking at all the chicken drippings on the grate, so I took her down.

You know that song "Surfing Bird" by the Trashmen?

Chillaxing on the table.

Salad Sandwich.

Free rangin'.

A little table top photography.

A little discussion . . .

What I didn't capture between these two shots was Sallie flying up and landing right on Noodie.
I'm not sure how the pecking order is going to unfold.

Pie. When she puts on six more pounds I don't think she's going to be able to sit on the back of that chair anymore . . .

In case you were worried about the grill picture, do you really think I'm going to eat them?

Sid the dog coming to say hello. He's totally fine with them now, and everyone can hangout in the yard unsupervised.

I got a little bored with the chickens and figured the coop could hold one more, so I ordered one of these little china girls everyone has here (probably the coolest status symbol in Portland after a Prius and backyard chickens).
No, that's my neighbor Annie--she comes over quite often to hangout with the girls. She probably handles them more than any of my roommates, actually.

OK, that's pretty much what I haven't been blogging about.


  1. Thanks for posting! They've grown up so much!
    Oops I feel guilty for getting KFC today for Father's day!

  2. Awww, I miss those girls! Your chickens make me want chickens even more.

  3. Your girls look so happy in their new home!

  4. So cute! You gave them silly names but hey, one of my chickens is named Sleeve-Eater! No, Salad Sandwich is a perfectly normal name!

  5. Please continue to post! At least once a month? ;) We've all gotten so attached to your chickens.