Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Complex is done! (well, 99% done)

Living is good at the Wagner Home for Delicious Chickens . . .

Everything is in place now, The run is attached to the coop and base (I will henceforth refer to the whole unit as The Complex) and the hardware cloth is attached all around. Tomorrow I'll fill in the corners and stake it down .

The girls inside . . . perhaps the last time we'll see grass here.

Eating from their new feeder . . . so big . . .

You can see the waterer next the to the feeder . . . I now realize once they're full grown the waterer will have to move, but for now I'm just very proud it's all worked out.

Another view with the little ladies out in the run.

So many stories with the girls since the first post here . . . we had an Open Coop BBQ here two weekends ago, and the next morning I slept in (after letting the girls out to free range--this was pre-enclosed run) to be woken up to my room mate saying "Josh, I can't find Noodle Soup" [note of dread in her voice].
I groggily walk outside and immediately hear the somebody's-missing-peep going on. I peer over the fence to my left, and Noodie is walking around on the neighbor's deck. While usually not the most adventurous, she certainly is the best flyer--that was a 6 foot fence. I called her, and she hopped back up on the fence (it's not as high from the other side), so I grabbed her and put her back with the others, who immediately stopped their yapping. That has been the only trip over the fence . . . so far.

Now I know some of you experienced coop'ers are saying my run is too short--how am I gonna clean it out.

By opening the lid! Full standing height, with only half the fencing cost.

The egg door with dual latches--no raccoon can open both at the same time.

Someday this is where the goodness will be . . .


  1. They're getting so BIG! Nice coop and run!

  2. What a relief! I'm so happy to see them again. This looks amamzing. Also, I have to say it been hard having to do without 3chixaday. Loved that blog.

  3. so...happy to see this. Let's see, amoratized that means the eggs are about $50 a dozen? ;)

  4. Great Coop....... friends are building us a coop and this gives us some great ideas. You did a great job!